Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Chrismas Bride (Dinner) ~ 25-12-2011

Jocelyn is Christmas bride also..she just passed her actual day at hometown, and today is her wedding dinner session at KL, she have a very big eye, nice and wonderfull bride^^
Location : PJ

Christmas Bride (Day) ~ 25-12-2011

She is my Christmas bride ~ Ms Chow^^ Special date for this special bride, Merry Chrismas & Happy wedding^^
Location : Rawang

Bridal Dinner Makeup ~24-12-2011

SookLan dinner session wearing a white gown too, this hair style for her, suitable for her small face..hehe
Thanks yr great comment and like my makeup^^
Location : Kajang

Christmas Eve Bride ~ 24-12-2011

Sook Lan choosing christmas eve as her wedding date, quite a romantic wedding date..
She is a teacher,  soft n sweet sound when talk with her..
Congratulation to u, lovely teacher^^
Location : Seri Kembangan

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Bridal Dinner Makeup ~ 19-12-2011

Dinner session image for Ms Liew, classical feel on her face and image, nice^^
Location : Cheras

Monday, December 19, 2011

Bridal Day Makeup ~ 19-12-2011

She is Ms Liew from Kuching, she have a sweet smile..very nice to talk with her^^
Location : Cheras

Monday, December 12, 2011

Bridal Dinner Makeup ~ 10-12-2011

After her rom on 11-11-11, this is second time I makeup for her ~ Zoe. We have been met for 2 times discuss about her wedding dinner image, finally she decided to try on this special hairdo, and she success to buy this nice hair accessories thru internet, wow..really making her image become wonderfull...
Location : Hotel Equatorial (KL)

Second image that I change for her, making 2 difference look in her wedding dinner^^

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Bridal Day Makeup ~ 06-12-2011

Jin also from Johor, she having day ceremony at KL..
Location : Hotel Pearl International

A sweet smile while waiting for her husband to come...^^
Happy wedding^^

Bridal Dinner Makeup ~ 04-12-2011

 She is Elaine from Johor, having a dinner session at KL. She getting a value bridal shooting package at Johor as she can choosing all designer dress, wow..really nice..
Location : P.J

This is second image for her, nice purple dress with some diamond deco on her face..nice^^

Monday, December 5, 2011

Bridal Dinner Makeup ~ 03-12-2011

First image for her Dinner session match-in, I'm Enjoying her dinner with all my 'old friends', memorable moment ^^
Location : Taiping, Perak

Second image she wearing a traditional 'kua', wow...quite a traditional feel on her sweet face..
Final image for her, a simple blue gown with a simple diamond hair accessories, quite an elegance feel..
Yoke Teng, happy wedding and you have done a wonderfull wedding^^

Bridal Day Makeup ~ 03-12-2011

She is my secondary school mate, I'm glad that she hire me as her big day makeup artist..She hv very short hair, this short hair style suitable for her sunny smile^^ Congratulation my dearest friend..
Location : Taiping, Perak

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tutuworkshop Shooting ~ 27-11-2011

This sunday fullfill with happiness, as I'm being contribution for http://www.tutuworkshop.com/ 2012 tutuworkshop shooting, fun and busy doing image for them..and of course, my dearest daughter joining in shooting too^^ First of the right hand side is my daughter ~ Qin Qin ^^ Cute??
~More photo coming soon~
Location : Subang

Bridal Dinner Makeup ~ 26-11-2011

Dinner session for Su Fang, she choosing this hair accessories as she want to match 2 difference gown, a bit like 'Indian' style^^
Location : Serdang

Bridal Day Makeup ~ 26-11-2011

This weekend is teacher week, so many teacher's wedding..hehe..she is a teacher from Serdang ~ Su Fang.
She also a nice and good manner teacher^^
Happy Wedding Teacher Su Fang^^
Location : Serdang

Bridal Dinner Makeup ~ 25-11-2011

Ms Chong is from Kuching, married to Serdang and today is her wedding dinner, she is a teacher, talking soft and good manner, representive that she is a good teacher as well..hehe..
I'm feel badly can't be her makeup artist for 26-11-2011, since I have booking in earlier..Anyway..
Happy wedding to a good and nice teacher ^^
Location : Serdang

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Bridal Dinner Makeup ~ 20-11-2011

I do a special hairdo design for Lyann since her hair very oily, not suitable for curly hair design, this hairdo design more on layering, the important is, she like it^^
Thanks Lyann for choosing my services
Location : Klang

Monday, November 21, 2011

Bridal Day Makeup ~ 20-11-2011

She is Lyann, a very nice and friendly bride.. She married to Klang and her wedding dinner held at Klang.
she using a new hair accessories provided by me, she like it very much^^
Again...congratulation to my dearest bride , Lyann.
Location : Kepong

Bridal Dinner Makeup ~ 19-11-2011

Nuri's wedding dinner session image, look nice and elegance^^
Location : Holiday Inn Glenmarie

Bridal Day Makeup ~ 19-11-2011

Today is Nuri wedding, her wedding held at Holiday Inn Glenmarie Hotel, I'm glad to be her makeup artist on her big day, a big wishes to her and her hubby ~ happy wedding ^^
Location : Holiday Inn Glenmarie

Monday, November 14, 2011

Bridal Dinner Makeup ~13-11-2011

I'm glad to be Ms Tan makeup artist for her dinner session, I can't do for her actual day session since I hv early booking..Thanks my friend Branda helping me to done this job^^ and of course, Ms Tan satisfied with our services..happy wedding
Location : Klang

Bridal Dinner Makeup ~ 12-11-2011

Esther Lai, a nice and sweet bride, she only taking one session of my services since her actual day held at Sabah. She look like 'mix', but she not, she is 100% chinese..hehe..
Location : Jalan Imbi (Hee Lai Ton Restaurant)

Bridal Day Makeup ~ 12-11-2011

This is Bonnie wedding day , she like a soft green eyeshadow , a simple hairdo match with her light makeup...sweet bride^^
Location : Jalan Ipoh