Jia Na ~ 25-09-2016

 Shann ~ 19-09-2015

Penny ~ 19-09-2015

Trixie ~ 01-03-2015

Chee Yun ~ 28-12-2014

Chai Ping ~ 21-12-2014

Stephanie ~ 30-11-2014

Chen Chen ~ 22-11-2014

Ms Chin ~ 16-11-2014

Suk Zhen Lee Tan Shin Yen Thank you so much for your nice make up and hairdo on my big day. I highly recommend YenMakeup to bride-to-be as Yen is a very good and professional MUA. She is very punctual even I had requested her to be at my place very early in the morning (she reached my place even earlier than the agreed time). Besides, her make up is very natural. I am very satisfied with my 3 different hairdo by her as well.        04-10-2014              
Kerr Li Thanks Tan Shin Yen  Love the night looks
From fb page

I love the makeup and hairdo.
I look super good and gorgeous.Thank u for making me beautiful. 
Good job Yen!

Thanks for the wonderful job done. You have made me so special on my big day.

From fb page
自己上网找到了这个专页。也用了Yen的service... 如果满分是100分,我会给200分! 大大力推荐~
A very very good service by Yen!!!
I really like my make up+hair do... Awesome

Jenny Tan ~ 12-04-2014
Tan Jenny Thanks shin yen for making me so beautiful 

Erin Sin ~ 08-03-2014

Connie Yap ~ 01-03-2014

Venus ~ 01-01-2014

Tze Ching ~ 20-12-2013

Wei Qi ~ 02-11-2013

Wind Teo ~ 06-10-2013

Wind Teo Thanks to yen very much
..make me pretty all the day...thanks ur effort...love love...

From FB message


Elaine Hoi ~ 14-09-2013

Thanks a lot for the beautiful make-up & hair-do. Many guests like my make-up & hair-do a lot  Definitely will promote you if anyone is looking for MUA.
from FB PM                                                                                                                                           

Li Ling ~ 16-09-2013

It was great.Thank u so much for ur make up and hairdo. I like it very much. 
from FB PM

 Michi Khor ~ 15-09-2013

Khor Michi Thank a lot Tan Shin Yen for make me so pretty! Very Natural, Love It!
from FB comment

Clara Yu ~ 01-06-2013

Clara Yu Thank you so much Yen.. You did a great job!! Double thumbs up
from FB comment

 Vivian ~ 16-03-2013

Susan ~ 30-12-2012

"great. thanks . my hubby like image that u created for me .. thanks

from FB message

Apple ~25-12-2012
"Magic hand ...nice hair do and make up !"
from FB comment

Maggie ~ 14-12-2012
Event Makeup

Elaine Ong ~ 10-12-2012

Elaine Ong thks yen , i like it so much ...╭(╯ε╰)╮

Shima ~ 08-12-2012
Bridal Makeup & Hairdo

"Tengku Nahdatul Shima thanks yen, we love the hair n make up from u, good job!

Daphne ~ 08-12-2012
Event Makeup

Mei Yee ~ 17-11-2012

"Thank u so much Yen for your help... Everyone is admiring my hair and make up.. Words cant even discribe how much I appreciate your work!! ♥ I will definitely recommend my fren..."

Yin Ying ~ 13-11-2012 (pre-wedding shooting)

"A credit goes to u! Yen has a magic hand, she is excellent in makeup especially in hair styling. She can fullfil all my requests and I'm very satisfied with her work. :) if you're looking for a professional MUA with affordable price, YenMakeup is the best choice!"
Everlyn Low ~ 10-11-2012

" Thank you for the hair do & makeup. we love ur service. me & my mum lools very gorgeous tonight :)"
from phone sms

Zoe Loo Kim ~ 10-12-2011

" hi yen..love ur makeup n hair style...thanks...good job yen :) "
from FB message

Debbie Lai ~ 18-06-2011
From Bride's father : Francis Lai

"thumbs up..:) very professional n good time keeping. keep up the work. i like."
from FB message

Moon ~ 06-10-2012

"thanks for making me glow on my big day ^^ my family and friends all say you skill is very good!! some even asked if i wear wig caused the hairstyle looks like i have a lot of hair lol ^^ definitely will recommend you :D "
from yenmakeup blog's comment

Jocelyn Kuay ~ 25-12-2011

" oh ya... all my frens and relatives say ur make up n hair style very nice ler... thanks ya... make me so beautiful!"
from FB message

Sheena Nair ~ 28-05-2012

" Hai shin yen... Thank u for the beautiful make-up (everyone told that) and a great services. "
from Fb Message

Wai Keat ~ 01-05-2011

" Thanks Shin Yen for the image that you created for me. All my family members and friends love the image. I love the image as well! It was not too elaborate and just nice for me. Thank you so much!"
from yenmakeup blog's comment

Yoke Teng ~ 03-12-2011

" All said my hairstyle n make up is nice on tat day..hehe..my mum keep on saying her hairstyle vr nice..N u pandai do Hairstyle..."
from whassap message

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