Sunday, May 25, 2014

Bridal Dinner Makeup ~ 25-05-2014

 Busy weekend...done my final job of this weekend^^

Yoke Lai's wedding reception ~ first matching in with this princess look white gown^^

SMILE ..SMILE... hehe...this bride a bit 'cool'..always remind her to smile..haha

Happy wedding^^

Location : Oriental Pavillion ~ Jaya33

Bridal Day Makeup ~ 25-05-2014

Day session on another day for Tiffany, she slept for few hours only but still look very charming..IS because today is her BIG day^^

Location : Cheras

Bridal Dinner Makeup ~ 24-05-2014

Tiffany's wedding reception, thanks hire me as yr MUA for 3 session, sorry cant do the last session for u since I hv booking dy.

A simple one side long curl hair design, a simple and elegant feel on this lovely bride^^

Location : Serdang

~ Lovely couple ~

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Bridal Day Makeup ~ 24-05-2014

Lovely bride's of MAY 2014^^

She is Yoke Lai, simple and natural look for her^^
 Stay tune for her dinner session image on tomorrow^^

Location : Puchong

Monday, May 19, 2014

Event Makeup ~ 17-05-2014

She is my regular client's sister ~ Kar yee
Thanks for yr support^^

Location : Puchong

R.O.M Makeup ~17-05-2014

She is Esther, hire me as her MUA for rom & actual day^^ Like her sweet face, look like korean^^

Location : Damansara