Monday, December 29, 2014

Bridal Dinner Makeup ~ 28-12-2014

~ Wedding Dinner Makeup ~

Finally done my last bride for 2014^^ Peak season end loo...

She is Mandy, like her hair color, after done the hairdo, braids look nicely because of the hair color^^
Wish she like it too^^

Location : Puchong

Bridal Luncheon Makeup ~ 28-12-2014

 ~ Wedding Makeup ~

Chee Yun's wedding luncheon makeup, thanks for choosing my service and intro yr friend to me^^

Like this image ~ she look like a doll^^ hehe...

Location : Cheras

Second image for her ~ Elegant style

Bridal Dinner Makeup ~ 27-12-2014

Dinner Reception for Adeline^^

She will wearing qipao after matchin, so upho her hair for matching both gown^^ Look Elegant^^

Location :  Seremban

Bridal Day Makeup ~ 27-12-2014

 ~ Wedding Day Makeup ~

This sweet n lovely bride is Adeline Tan from Penang, thanks for her early booking^^
This is groom's side ceremony at Seremban, this is her morning session ceremony^^

Location : Seremban

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Model Shoot - part 2

~ Simple updo hair design with braids ~

After the white gown, this the second gown, a simple and nice gown designed by Voila
(www.v-oila,com) , and Thanks again our photographer for his great job ~ Edward Tang (

Location : Casa Residency 

Model Shoot ~ 26-12-2014

 ~ Pre-wedding Shooting ~ by V.G.Y

Finally done our great job in a raining day^^
Thanks our lovely model ~ Julia, we will miss u, wish to meet u again in Poland^^

Yes..this is our team spirit, done a great job even in a raining day^^

Makeup & Hairdo : Yen
Wedding Gown : Jinyi (Voila)
Photograper : Edward Tang ( GooseBumps Studio)

Location : KL
Model ~ Julia
~ Cool ~

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Bridal Luncheon Makeup ~ 21-12-2014

~ Wedding Luncheon Makeup ~

Lovely bride ~ Chai Ping
Thanks hire me as yr MUA, and yr compliments, will do more more better in future^^ LOVE it!

Location : Puchong

Bridal Dinner Makeup ~ 20-12-2014

~ Wedding Dinner Makeup ~

Ai Chin's wedding reception, elegant soft braids for her dinner image, deco with some diamond flower, like it^^

Location : Holiday Inn Glenmarie, KL

Bridal Day Makeup ~ 20-12-2014

~ Wedding Day Makeup ~

She is Ai Chin, bride of the day^^ She have a very good skin, after apply airbrush foundation, really look natural.

Location : Puchong

ROM Makeup ~ 19-12-2014

~ Michelle's R.O.M makeup ~

Thanks Michelle hire me as yr MUA for your R.O.M and actual day,c u soon next year^^

Location : Puchong

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Bridal Dinner Makeup ~ 14-12-2014

Suet Kin's wedding reception, she love my previous hairdo design, request me do the same for her..hehe..Thanks for yr compliment^^

Location : Goldhill Club , Menjalara Kepong

ROM Makeup ~ 14-12-2014

Long time didn't share ROM makeup ~ let's share a sweet + lovely bride with u^^
She request this hairdo design ~ and with some little flower^^
Congratulation Asther Tee

Location : Cheras

Bridal Dinner Makeup ~ 13-12-2014

Jesslyn's groom side wedding reception, she love princess look very much..another peacock crown from her, for matching this elegant gown..nice

Location : Pullman Hotel, Putrajaya

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Bridal Dinner Makeup ~ 06-12-2014

~ Wedding Dinner ~ MUA ~ Bridal Makeup ~

Jesslyn's first dinner held at her house, so she need a simple and garden feel image.
I using braids to design her hair, final deco with some white rose, nice^^
~ See u again for yr next session ~

Location : Kajang

Bridal Day Makeup ~ 06-12-2014

Busy week ~ this is my second bride of the day^^

Cvon is from Miri, Sarawak. She last few days only book my service, as she dunno need to book early...hehe.. This image is for her church wedding^^ Her gown with lace design, so I matching a lace necklace for her, look nice! 

Location : Holiday Villa Subang

Bridal Day Makeup ~ 06-12-2014

Wow...Princess in the house^^ This lovely bride is Jesslyn, she wearing this elegant diamond gown with the big crown, nicely princess look^^ She love it very much^^

Location : Kajang

Monday, December 1, 2014

Bridal Dinner Makeup ~ 30-11-2014

 ~ Dinner Reception Makeup ~

Stephanie choosing a red gown for cocktail session, she like 'princess look', makeup her eye become big and 'bling bling'^^ This is what she like^^

Before match-in, changing a crown for her, totally princess look^^ Since she dont hv any necklace for matching her white gown, I use this shoulder necklace for deco her gown, is it look nice?

Location : Tropicana Golf Club
 >>>First match in Image

 >>>>>>Second match in Image
Second gown is purple-pink gown, a soft braids hairdo for her..not princess look, but elegant look^^

Bridal Dinner Makeup ~ 29-11-2014

 ~ Wedding Dinner Makeup ~

First image with elegant curls hairdo, second match-in side braids design with little flower, 2 difference image, which u like it?

Lovely cup cake >>>>>>>>>>>>>

Location : The Saujana Hotel

Bridal Day Makeup ~ 29-11-2014

~ Wedding Day Makeup ~

A special wedding ceremony, ROM ~ Tea Ceremony ~ Dinner Reception ~ all in one day..hehe

Luckily..they can done it smoothly^^
This is the touch-up image after her ROM, traditional llok for tea ceremony^^

Location : The Saujana Hotel

Bridal Luncheon Makeup ~ 29-11-2014

~ Luncheon Wedding Makeup ~ 

First image for Josephine's matchin, simple hairdo with the special hair accessories^^
Below is second image, for matching her traditional gown, updo her hair with some glitter flower, nice^^

Location : The Club, PJ

Bridal Day Makeup ~ 29-11-2014

~ Wedding Day Makeup ~

Thanks Josephine hire me as yr MUA for few session^^ Today is yr big day, korean style for u^^
You are the most excited and lovely bride that I have been met..hehe

Happy Wedding

Location : PJ

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Bridal Dinner Makeup ~ 23-11-2014

 ~ Wedding Reception ~

Ee Koon's wedding reception makeup image, for matching her second gown, she request a traditional hairdo design, matching with this white gown, another words to describe ~ elegant women

Location : Selayang

Bridal Day Makeup ~ 23-11-2014

 ~ Wedding Day Makeup ~

This is bride from Singapore^^ Thanks for her trust^^
Ee Koon prefer natural makeup, special request airbrush foundation for her makeup ~

A lovely updo hair design for matching her sweet face^^

Location : Selayang