Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tutuworkshop Shooting ~ 27-11-2011

This sunday fullfill with happiness, as I'm being contribution for http://www.tutuworkshop.com/ 2012 tutuworkshop shooting, fun and busy doing image for them..and of course, my dearest daughter joining in shooting too^^ First of the right hand side is my daughter ~ Qin Qin ^^ Cute??
~More photo coming soon~
Location : Subang

Bridal Dinner Makeup ~ 26-11-2011

Dinner session for Su Fang, she choosing this hair accessories as she want to match 2 difference gown, a bit like 'Indian' style^^
Location : Serdang

Bridal Day Makeup ~ 26-11-2011

This weekend is teacher week, so many teacher's wedding..hehe..she is a teacher from Serdang ~ Su Fang.
She also a nice and good manner teacher^^
Happy Wedding Teacher Su Fang^^
Location : Serdang

Bridal Dinner Makeup ~ 25-11-2011

Ms Chong is from Kuching, married to Serdang and today is her wedding dinner, she is a teacher, talking soft and good manner, representive that she is a good teacher as well..hehe..
I'm feel badly can't be her makeup artist for 26-11-2011, since I have booking in earlier..Anyway..
Happy wedding to a good and nice teacher ^^
Location : Serdang

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Bridal Dinner Makeup ~ 20-11-2011

I do a special hairdo design for Lyann since her hair very oily, not suitable for curly hair design, this hairdo design more on layering, the important is, she like it^^
Thanks Lyann for choosing my services
Location : Klang

Monday, November 21, 2011

Bridal Day Makeup ~ 20-11-2011

She is Lyann, a very nice and friendly bride.. She married to Klang and her wedding dinner held at Klang.
she using a new hair accessories provided by me, she like it very much^^
Again...congratulation to my dearest bride , Lyann.
Location : Kepong

Bridal Dinner Makeup ~ 19-11-2011

Nuri's wedding dinner session image, look nice and elegance^^
Location : Holiday Inn Glenmarie

Bridal Day Makeup ~ 19-11-2011

Today is Nuri wedding, her wedding held at Holiday Inn Glenmarie Hotel, I'm glad to be her makeup artist on her big day, a big wishes to her and her hubby ~ happy wedding ^^
Location : Holiday Inn Glenmarie

Monday, November 14, 2011

Bridal Dinner Makeup ~13-11-2011

I'm glad to be Ms Tan makeup artist for her dinner session, I can't do for her actual day session since I hv early booking..Thanks my friend Branda helping me to done this job^^ and of course, Ms Tan satisfied with our services..happy wedding
Location : Klang

Bridal Dinner Makeup ~ 12-11-2011

Esther Lai, a nice and sweet bride, she only taking one session of my services since her actual day held at Sabah. She look like 'mix', but she not, she is 100% chinese..hehe..
Location : Jalan Imbi (Hee Lai Ton Restaurant)

Bridal Day Makeup ~ 12-11-2011

This is Bonnie wedding day , she like a soft green eyeshadow , a simple hairdo match with her light makeup...sweet bride^^
Location : Jalan Ipoh

11-11-2011 Special ~ Bridal Dinner Makeup

She is my secondary school mate ~ Bonnie,  today is her wedding dinner, wishing her happy wedding^^
Location : Jalan Ipoh

11-11-2011 Special ~ Connie ROM + Pre-Wedding Shooting

She is my youngest sister ~ Connie, she also choosing this special day for her ROM, today really a wonderfull marriage day^^ She having a outdoor shooting for today special also^^ Romantic day^^
Congratulation lor^^

11-11-2011 Special ~ Zoe ROM

Zoe is my first client in this special day 11-11-2011, she wearing a very special green dress, and this couple very lucky on this day, interview by sin chew's reporter, and finally they shown in Newspaper^^
Wow..quite a special day and precious moment^^
Location : Bukit Jalil

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Bridal Dinner Makeup ~ 05-11-2011

This is her dinner session  makeup and hairdo image, since her hair very short and less, I'm trying using a fake hair to do for her, is look like real hair also?..hehe
Location : Restaurant Cheong Fatt (Setapak)

Bridal Day Makeup ~ 05-11-2011

She is Joanne Lim, she booking me without trial session, thanks for believing on my skill and I'm glad that u like yr image on yr big day^^
Location : Bukit Beruntung