Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Bridal Dinner Makeup ~ 26-10-2014

Dinner Reception of Fui Ming^^

Fui Ming have very less hair, so I do this design for her, make her front and back hair look more volume, with fish tail bone design^^

Location : Klang

Bridal Day Makeup ~ 26-10-2014

Last bride of October ~ Fui Ming
She is single eyelid gal, I transform her eye become double eyelid..her eye become bigger^^
Happy Wedding^^
Location : Kuala Selangor

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Monday, October 27, 2014

WE LOVE 微爱时代

This is third time makeup for her^^ Nice to meet her again ~ Emily

I'm so lucky can makeup for her, Malaysia famous artist ~ Aenie^^

Thanks Vanessa helping me in this event sponsor^^

Yeah..done all artist makeup and shooting with them^^ WE LOVE

Location : Mega Star Arena

Friday, October 17, 2014

Bridal Dinner Makeup ~ 12-10-2014

This is Queenie, She wish to book me for 3 session, but unfortunately I'm away during her big day..

Thanks for her still choosing me for her KL dinner session, like her hair highlight, show the hair design very nice^^

Location : Jaya 33 PJ


Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Bridal Luncheon Makeup ~ 04-10-2014

First Image for her matching-in^^

Long curls hari down design, elegant feel..

Location : Jaya Palace Restaurant (PJ)

Second Image ~ Flower Braids

Bridal Day Makeup ~ 04-10-2014

First bride of October 2014 ~ is Suk Zhen

Thanks for her early booking^^ A very nice gal, like her sweet smile, and she have a smiling eye^^

Love It^^

Location : Puchong

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Bridal Luncheon Makeup ~ 28-09-2014

After change image for Helen, she is ready for her Luncheon match-in^^

Restaurant light too dark, only 1 photo able to share here..wish u can see her nice look too^^

Location : PJ

Friday, October 3, 2014

Bridal Day Makeup ~ 28-09-2014

She is Helen, bride of the day^^
She have a lovely smile, I transform her short hair become long hair, this is what she request^^
Look natural...

Location : Setapak

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